Team Guilding:

Team Building with The Welman Project

At The Welman Project, we believe in creativity, the power of play, and that it’s our duty to help others in order to improve our community.

When it comes to “team building”, some common goals might include strengthening communication, building trust between team members, or overall increased job satisfaction.

We believe in Team Guilding!

Definition of Guild:

 – an association of people in pursuit of a common goal

 – an association of people for mutual aid

 – a group of independent artisans and storytellers

It’s easy to hear the word “team” and associate the desired goal or outcome with “winning” or “crushing the competition”. The Welman Project is a place where like-minded individuals can come together and rethink how we might achieve any goal, using what we already have available to us, in order to improve our desired outcome. By becoming a “guild,” we’re able to realign our approach to how goals are achieved and redefine how we work together, not to mention have fun and save the planet while we do it!

When you hear the words “artist” or “creative” it is easy to become anxious about what that means, but really, everyone is an artist. It just comes down to what your team’s “medium” is!

Whether your focus is on increased motivation, interpersonal communication, or individual empowerment, The Welman Project is able to deliver activities and exercises that highlight these areas while also providing a memorable experience for your group.

Everything we do at The Welman Project is centered around the practice of creative reuse. We see the possibility of what something could be, not necessarily what it is. Through the creative reuse of materials, we’re keeping great stuff out of our landfills and encouraging a more exploratory approach to education, our communities, and the way we live our lives.


When you choose The Welman Project to host your team building or corporate event, you are directly supporting free materials and resources for teachers across DFW. Our mission is to fill a classroom, not a landfill and we accomplish this by operating a totally free warehouse for teachers where they can shop year-round for everything from pencils to books to furniture to wine corks and quite figuratively everything in between. Did we mention that everything is FREE for these hard-working educators?

We source materials from local businesses that have surplus items creating a social ecosystem that lessens the financial burden on teachers and reduces waste in our community. Team building with The Welman Project results in so much more than a stronger team of colleagues – when you party with us, you are an integral part of keeping this ecosystem thriving. 

Let’s Team Guild!

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